martedì 28 settembre 2010

A new starting point

Quintessentially LABMODA, his final, magisterial collection was a poignant coda to a career characterized by ceaseless invention, curiosity, and lightning flashes of absolute brilliance. The collection was presented in a stately room of white and gold Louis XV boiserie, in what was once the hôtel particulier of the noble Pavesi family. The models appeared one by one, to the hauntingly beautiful accompaniment of Cat Stevens music and the wondrous clothes provided in some ways a summation of everything that the roman studio had learned throughout his career, “I always started with the form and knew everything about how to construct a garment,” said Andrea Ciampaglia . “I felt to know everything about tailoring, everything about dressmaking. I had always surprise us in fittings. We would tell him something was technically impossible—and in the morning there would be something amazing on the mannequin, even if he had to work all night to achieve it.”

domenica 26 settembre 2010